Cronos Integrates Band Protocol For Scalable and Customizable Decentralized Oracles on L2

Cronos Integrates Band Protocol For Scalable and Customizable Decentralized Oracles on L2

Band Protocol is proud to share an integration with Cronos, the scalable EVM-compatible layer-2 chain developed by the team, to integrate Band Oracles for decentralized and end-to-end customizable oracles for all applications on Cronos. The deep collaboration also extends into creating a custom oracle script for the Cronos price feed and having the Band Standard Dataset integration-ready for Cronos developers.

“The addition of Band Protocol into the Cronos ecosystem comes highly recommended to all developers to connect any external data source and customise their decentralized oracles, which is essential for DeFi Dapps that need high quality, decentralised, real time external financial data to run. ”
Kris Marszalek, CEO & Co-Founder of

In a similar fashion to Band Protocol, the chain is also built based on the Cosmos-SDK which will be able to relay Band Oracle data via IBC. This enables a seamless transition for DeFi DApps built on Cronos using Band Oracles to function on a cross-chain level if they are to launch on the Chain as well as over Cosmos-based blockchains.

Band Protocol is always excited to support and provide engineering resources to assist developer teams. If you are a developer excited to build on Cronos with secure and decentralized oracles, we encourage you to connect with our engineering team through the following Typeform:

About Cronos
Cronos is the EVM chain running in parallel to the Chain. It aims to massively scale the DeFi ecosystem, by providing developers with the ability to rapidly port apps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, with funding from Particle B’s $100m EVM fund and access to the 10M+ user base of the ecosystem.

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About Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform with the aspiration to build high-quality suites of web3 development products. The flagship oracle solution aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts, enabling smart contract applications such as DeFi, prediction markets, and games to be built on-chain without relying on the single point of failure of a centralized oracle. Band Protocol is backed by a strong network of stakeholders including Sequoia Capital, one of the top venture capital firms in the world, and the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance*.*

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